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Session Prices

Each Session is for 10 minutes duration and session credits are valid for the duration of your Pitstop Karting Licence. The Licence is valid for 12 months.


SAVE $10
SAVE $25

Prices are per licence holder

Non transferable between other Licence holders

*Prices are subject to change



Family Pass

Valid for 4 people driving,  2 sessions for each person.

(8 sessions in total)

Cheap Tuesdays

Join us during the School Holidays on a Tuesday for the craziest session prices in Australia. Each session will cost you only

VIP Membership

Become part of the Pitstop Karting VIP crew and receive special deals designed for our crew!


Opening Hours

*Our opening hours during the School Term will be changing in 2024

Monday & Wednesday
(During April, May & June)
3:00pm - 8:00pm*
*subject to change please call if coming after 6:00pm
Thursday, Friday & Saturday
3:00pm - 10:00pm*
*subject to change please call if coming after 8:00pm
10:00am - 6:00pm*
*subject to change

Corporate Events and Special Occasions


Pitstop Karting is a great way for workmates, family and friends to get together.  We have the ability to cater for both intimate or large groups and the layout of our new facility guarantees everyone is part of the action whether racing the clock or chilling out in the cafe.  

If you are looking for an adrenalin packed experience then give us a call or email us at


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age or height restriction? 

You must be a height of 128cm to be able to drive one of our junior karts safely. To drive our senior karts you must be over 150cm tall to reach the pedals safely. With our dual karts, the passenger must be 3 years or older and must be able to hold and control their neck properly and independently for the safety of the passenger. 


Do you have double karts? 

Yes, Pitstop Karting has two dual karts. The driver must be 18 years + to drive and the passenger must be 3 years or older and must be able to hold and control their neck properly and independently for the safety of the passenger. You don't have to pay any additional fees to ride in the dual kart; the passenger rides for free. Check with our staff for availability on the day. 


What should I wear when I go go-karting? 

Drivers must wear closed in shoes such as sneakers or sandshoes. Closed in shoes is compulsory. No heels, thongs, sandals, crocs or other open toed footwear. Anyone getting into the kart must wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants due to a recent change in karting guidelines. Clothing that is not permitted are: scarves, hoodies, jumpers around waist, ties, chains or other loose jewellery or anything else that may interfere with the sfafe operation of the go kart. 


Can I bring my own helmet? 

Yes, you can definitely bring your own helmet in. We encourage you to bring your own helmet if you can. The better your helmet fits, the safer you are. However, it must be a full faced helmet that meets the Australian Standards. If you have a dirt bike helmet, you must wear the googles with it as well. This is for the safety of the driver. If you don’t have your own helmet, Pitstop Karting provides hired helmets. Anyone with hair past their shoulder must wear a balaclava (even if it's your own helmet). From the 15th March 2024, Balaclava's are included in your New Licence Fee, or they can be purchased for $4 at the counter.


How long do your sessions go for? 

All information is on our website and Facebook page. However, our sessions are 10 minutes long each. If you bought 3 sessions, you would have 3 lots of 10 minute sessions on the track. These may not be consecutive due to the amount of people on the day. 


My race was cut short. Why is that? 

If your race session was cut short there could be a couple of reasons. One reason could be that there was unsafe behaviour on the track, where our rules and conditions were broken. So therefore, as sighted by the driver before entering kart, the driver agreed to these terms and the duration of the session was reduced. Another reason could be that there was an incident where the race had to cease due to the safety of the customers on or off the track. Our Track Attendants have strict guidelines they are to follow directed from their manager and work policies and procedures. If you are driving safely and following all our rules, then there shouldn’t be any issues with the duration of the session. 

Do I need to make a booking? 

No. If you have a few family members or mates, you are welcome just to arrive and drive. If you want to make an event of it where you have over 15+ people send an email to and we can have a chat to see what arrangements we can do. If you do make a booking a deposit is required at least a week in advance to lock in the date and time for your larger event. 

Can I make a booking outside of your opening hours? 

Yes. Bookings can be made outside of our opening hours during the day. Groups must be larger than 8 people, with minimum 2 weeks notice. An additional $100 booking fee will be added on top due to our new Insurance. To make a booking email and we can have a chat to see what arrangements we can do. If you do make a booking a deposit is required.

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